Double Spiral Tahitian Pearl Earrings


The Spiral is one of the oldest symbols in the world. It's a complex but powerful symbol and is found everywhere in many ancient civilizations. It has represented slightly different things depending on the civilization it was found in, but one of the more popular meanings is our inward journey to self realization and our outward journey into the world. I like to think life is never a straight path and we can nerve see what's around the bend. It's only with the journey of self realization that we can find peace and ease in accepting the unseen path as we live in the moment. 

These beautiful hammered double spiral Tahitian earrings work for both daytime and evening. The spiral itself is approximately 1.25" in length and 0.5" wide. The pearls are 9-10mm. They pair beautifully with our Double Spiral Tahitian Pearl Lariat.

14K Gold Filled - $154

.925 Sterling Silver - $149

*Pearl color may vary slightly

Color Pearl:

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